At the Fashion Footwear Association of New York, we seek to serve and promote the vibrant, global footwear industry, doing business in New York.

Our primary purpose is to coordinate and communicate a consistent marketplace (declare and promote dates for Market Weeks) in New York City four times each year for the buyers and sellers in shoe industry.

  • Secondary purposes include:
    • Stewardship of the “Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation” which is reliant upon and at the same time galvanizes the membership and industry in general through the annual “Shoes on Sale” charitable event.
    • The maintenance and organization of vital data (via website, digital directories) related to showroom addresses, FFANY member locations, general contact information and key leadership information.
    • To facilitate the needs of the non-NYC showroom FFANY members during New York City market weeks.
    • To represent the collective voice of FFANY member companies and act as an advocate in the industry for the New York footwear industry and a consolidator of concerns and comments.

New York City is the center of global business and the home to many of America’s leading  footwear companies. That’s why we’re dedicated to making it easy for the footwear community to do business in New York.  FFANY Market weeks bring together retailers, brands, designers, buyers and sellers four times a year – all right here in New York City.

FFANY unites the industry in charity by rallying footwear leaders around the relevnt and important cause of Funding first step breast cancer research giving of $57M to effort to find a cure.

Growing an industry takes more than just business opportunities. At FFANY, we understand the need to strengthen the industry through education and we are proud to sponsor the Joseph Moore Scholarship at the AURSUTORIA school in Milan each year.

Whether it’s representing the collective interests of the New York Footwear community, hosting industry events that help foster business, leading the industry effort to fund innovative breast cancer research, FFANY is committed to strengthening and uniting the footwear industry in New York. I’m proud to be a part of the work we’re doing and the future we’re crafting together.