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The New California Dream

FLOGG is a revolutionary new category of footwear -inspired by the laid back California lifestyle and invented for all women who want to feel good and look fantastic without sacrificing design. A fantastic hybrid of two iconic types of footwear, a flip flop and a clog was born...FLOGG.

After years of designing for fashion and comfort brands alike, veteran shoe designer Carol de Leon took a moment to deeply think about what was truly needed in the market. Having the ability to design any imaginable shoe possible, her immediate need for a shoe that offered height with a cool comfort factor led to the invention of the latest shoe sensation, FLOGG. With a chunky wood base construction, topped with a layer of EVA, the material your most comfortable flip flops are made of...and voila!

FLOGG is the new hot item that satisfies your fashion whims at the same time that it addresses the most absolute need to feel confident, comfortable and carefree. Life is too short to look good and feel bad.

New York Showroom
FLOGG - Titan Industries, Inc.
1370 Avenue of the Americas
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018

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